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Need help – media upload button not showing in bbPress rich editor

  • Max


    Hi there – I have a forum on a membership site running:

    bbpress 2.1.2, buddypress 1.6.1, wordpress 3.4.2

    with a premium theme.

    The site owners have asked if we can add the ability for users to upload photos and embed video into forum posts. The rich tinyMCE editor doesn’t include the standard media uploader button, and even though in my Settings for bbPress I have the option to embed video/flickr/etc checked, when I paste the code in it defaults to a link instead of the embed object. I’m not very familiar with either bbPress or buddypress, so any help is greatly appreciated. I’ve attached a screenshot of the current forum editor.

    Because the site is a membership site and the forums are protected, the link won’t help much but here it is:

    I’m more than happy to pay someone to implement these components. Also, I’ve tried adding the bbpress post tools plugin, but it breaks my theme.


    screenshot of the current forum editor

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