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Need Help Creating A Forum, Will Pay

  • msmissy



    I need help setting up a forum. I have installed BuddyPress and bbPress 2.5.12-6148. I have WordPress 4.6.1. The gist of the forum and the specs that I’m aiming for are:

    1) I want the forum to appear in my menu bar like the support menu option above.
    2) I want the forum page to be essentially look like the support forum page on this site, where each time a topic is created it’s added to that page in an ongoing list.
    3) I need there to be an effective search feature that allows users to find a company (which will be the topic title) so they can add to that stream instead of having multiple streams about the same company.
    4) I want the forum to be accessible via paid membership only.
    5) I want the moderator, and only the moderator, to have a tool to mark an issue “resolved” such as a different color font, bold highlighted font, etc. But I want to do this without closing the thread so that every time there’s an issue that same thread can be used.

    If you can help, please let me know what your rates are. And if those rates are hourly, approximately how long you think this project will take.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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