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Need help / Bbpress developer (make an offer)

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    Need help / Bbpress developer (make an offer)

    I am the editor of a French DIY site. Some articles generated a lot of comments, so I decided to transform some queues of comments into forum topics (with the “bbPress Topics for Posts” plugin). I created a bbpress forum but there are points to be settled (which are beyond my skills!).

    1 / Currently, in the forum, in each subject, the exchanges are displayed from the oldest to the most recent. It would be exactly the opposite, with 2 levels of nesting (with question and answer together), and the most recent exchanges first.

    2 / It would be nice if each forum topic had a presentation image (via WP thumbnails)

    3 / Under some articles of the site, I chose to present the last 5 comments, it works but the links do not work (answer for example).

    4 / It would be nice to have separate pages: a forum index page, a category page, a subject page (bbpress_index.php, bbpress_cat.php, bbpress_single.php, easily editable)
    A bbpress.php page was created in the child theme but it is used for the root, the categories and the topics of the forum it is not top for referencing.

    5 / The counters of the forum seem to do anything …

    The site page with the most comments:
    The corresponding subject on the forum:

    Contact me for a proposal (paypal payment or transfer – invoice required) here :

    Thanks in advance !

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