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Need for hierarchy when not using standard forum style?

  • Chad R. Schulz


    I’m building what while be a discussion board style website. I will embed a single forum through a shortcode in each/every post.

    This will allow standard WordPress navigation and give each forum its own post/page.

    I will not allow users access to any part of the natural bbpress forum hierarchy (categories/forums/subforums/etc.) and will use redirects to ensure that all requests for specific forums end up on the appropriate post/page that uses the embedded shortcode.

    My question: Without the need to query numerous (potentially hundreds) of individual forums through traditional forum navigation, do I still need to spread the forums out among multiple categories/sub-categories when building the forums on the backend.

    Remember, no user will ever need, nor get, access to the forum hierarchy/structure. ALL forums links will redirect to the appropriate post.

    Having to create a needlessly complex hierarchy/structure is daunting and would make a mess for moderators to dig through.

    Just curious. Appreciate any guidance in this matter.

    Chad Schulz

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  • Robin W


    no a single flat structure of hundreds of forums would be fine, the only reason I can see for nesting them would from an admin perspective, and you seem to already appreciate that aspect and are happy with it.

    Chad R. Schulz


    Very much appreciate the feedback.

    Now comes the lovely task of building the structure and creating the individual forums:) The best part of web-site creation, the grind.

    Thanks for a wonderful support network community.

    Robin W


    you’re welcome

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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