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Need Customized Solutions for 2 Problems in bbpress

  • marissafairy


    Problem 1:
    Using builtin importer, whole system is being imported by phpbb3. Anonymous users who does not have any accounts are allowed for posting but they are showing up as anonymous, in the system.
    I have collected the usernames_of_the_visitors from posts_from_current_users and created those users, using a query:

    INSERT INTO wp_current_visitors (using_the_login)
        SELECT DISTINCT usernames_of_the_visitors
        FROM posts_from_current_users

    Step 2:
    I am creating multiple tables (in this case:3), some of the code is:

    SELECT ID FROM wp_current_visitors 
    INSERT INTO current_live_posts(author_current_posts)
    WHERE current_live_posts(post_time_and_date) = posts_from_current_users(posted_time)
      AND posts_from_current_users(usernames_of_the_visitors) = wp_current_visitors(using_the_login)

    You can see this is not the correct way contain syntax errors. First I have to correct it. Second, I have to find a way to tell the mySQL that ID is connected with ‘using_the_login’ (see the first line). Am I right?

    Please help in this regard?

    Queries after up-gradation:

    SELECT ID FROM wp_current_visitors
    SELECT post_time FROM posts_from_current_users = post_time_and_date
    SELECT post_username FROM posts_from_current_users = using_the_login

    The are working in the correct way. But, I don’t know where to insert the WHERE information correctly.Only possible solution in my mind is to create sub-queries.

    Problem 2:
    I am installing bbpress on my own(for the first time on a client website, as an evaluation task). I am creating a simple forum, with necessary plugins for login and flow control. But, an important requirement, I am unable to configure is that client wants to create a new page for each directory page. And whenever a new page is added, he wants to add a forum page, automatically. Like, if the directory page is Directory page of militarybases – Cheyenne mountain Air Force base Colorado Springs Colorado. When, he made the page using wordpress, it’s forum page like website/forum/cheyenne-mountain-air-force-base-colorado-springs-co automatically created.

    Is this possible? If yes, how will achieve this? Please don’t tell codes other than javascript and php. Please only provide the full solution, in case of others.

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