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Need bbpress plugin css help PLEASE!

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  • Bump, really need help here..



    I took a quick peek at your link. Honestly I do not see anything at all which would cause the spacing like that.. it is very strange.

    One place you might try asking is over at css-tricks, as they have a great forum for css issues and Chris is a genious at that kind of stuff.

    As to removing the info boxes:

    Unless you have manually replicated all of the bbPress templates and added them manually to your theme, then you are actually using the bbPress twentyten theme templates. (they are found inside the bbPress plugin folder)

    In there you will find files like content-single-forum.php, content-single-topic.php, etc..

    In those templates are functions like:

    <?php bbp_single_forum_description(); ?>, <?php bbp_single_topic_description(); ?>, etc...

    Those are the functions used to output the information blocks. You would need to remove those lines from the files in order to get rid of the boxes.

    **Now obviously if you modify those files, then you will loose your changes every time you update bbPress, not advised….

    Instead check out the theme compatibility thread in the forums here to learn how to make child themes so you can make changes without loosing those changes.

    Or.. you can always take the ‘easy’ way out and simply add some css rules to your stylesheet to hide them. Not at all elegant but effective. { display: none; }

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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