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Need advice

  • DYTW


    I am keen to create a forum for my 2 websites that have been in existence for over a year in order to entice visitors to hang around and engage each other on key topics that are very dear to me. I originally intended to use MyBB for my 2 websites World Of Leathers and CarBuyerSg but received advice from MyBB forum members that the current different WordPress themes on my websites are not suitable for MyBB and will likely conflict with it.

    I downloaded bbPress for both websites but didn’t dare to activate them after it crashed another website of mine that was a one Page website using the free So Simple Theme By Press75. The So Simple theme is one of the cleanest and most basic free WordPress theme available with really clean codes and meant for simple basic websites so I am now really afraid to activate it on my 2 websites that are using premium WordPress themes from Studio Press and Elegant Themes. Does anyone have any experience using bbPress for the Lifestyle Pro Theme by Studio Press or the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes?

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  • Robin W


    The best advice I can give you is to create a test site for each of your live sites.

    This not only allows you to test new plugins, be confident in taking and using backups but also be happy that you can re-create your site should your host provider go bankrupt and you lose everything.



    Thanks Robin and dongvan03 for your advice. But I am still a newbie when it comes to testing and all this stuff about creating a sub-domain. Maybe I should just get another cheap domain and webhost and reproduced test pages on that website to test out each of those themes. On the other hand, I could use back that third website located at ICV where the initial crash first occurred since it is a simple one page website on a local government sponsored grant that is going to be terminated shortly and which I am no longer promoting.

    I will carry out the plugin testings and come running back here again if I encounter problems along the way. But it will be great if anyone in here happened to use the same themes as me and can share their experiences.

    Robin W


    no reason why you shouldn’t use either of your ideas anive – just amek sure you do have a test site

    Make a fresh post if you have further queries



    Some people that came here for questions were using the Divi theme and it seemed to work fine as the questions were related to layout.
    For the Lifestyle Pro, some people copied bbpress file to a child theme to be able to tune things.

    But I fully agree with Robin that a test site is what you need !


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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