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Need a quote on integrating bbPress with Memberwing user levels

  • (I had already posted this but got accidentally closed it, so resubmitting)

    I would like a quote on integrating WordPress, bbPress, and Memberwing membership system.

    To see what I need —

    1)Go to and join the site (upper right “Free registration for premium content”)

    2)Login and then go to the Forum . You will be logged in but won’t be able to post because there is no bbPress role defined for Memberwing “Bronze member”.

    What I want is for bbPress “member” role to be assigned from Memberwing “Gold member”.

    Write to me directly from I would expect this a 1 or 2 hour job.


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  • chrishajer


    It wasn’t closed accidentally; I closed it intentionally. Since you’ve posted a way to be contacted, there’s not need for the discussion to continue here. If people are interested, they can contact you outside the forum.

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