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navigationline in forum, editfield in topic, etc.

  • robertphilippo


    Use WP 3.7.1, bbPress 2.5.3, just installed, theme twenty ten. I followed your instructions on your website. After installation I made a page named Forums, after that I made a forum and a topic, both as test. The test is no more visible in the website as I removed the test. The test forum I had placed as subpage at the forums page. As far as good. When I opened the forum in the website I saw in the top of the forum page I see the name of the forum and direct thereunder the navigation line: home>forums>name of forum>subscribe, the following line ‘This forum is empty'(light blue background), the following line Viewing topic 1 (of total 1). Under this topic, the line: Viewing topic 1 (of total 1), thereunder the line: Your account has the ability to post unrestricted HTML content, thereunder a field to bring in another topic such as I’m writing in now.

    I’m not a professional so I don’t know how to recover this problem. regards, Robert

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