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My topics side bar is not appearing in my forum?

  • megrin


    i followed the instructions on this site of installation. downloaded recommended plugin and I can only get my main sidebar to appear as oppose to the formed theemed options. what is the next step, any help will be greatly appreciated

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  • Robin W


    ok, could be many things, and we could spend a lot of time trying to track down the exact issue.

    So we’ll go for two options

    presuing that the “downloaded recommended plugin” is bbpress wp tweaks then lets start with :

    Deactivate bbpress tweaks
    Dashboard>plugins>bbpress tweaks>deactivate

    Go into widgets

    And look at the bottom of the left hand side. You’ll see an “inactive sidebar”, with your entries on
    Below this is an “inactive widgets”
    Drag all the entries from the inactive sidebar to the inactive widgets area.
    This then allows wordpress to delete the sidebar
    I normally log out and in again at this stage – probably not needed, but I’ve never bothered to check
    Then basically reverse the above
    Re-enable bbpress tweaks
    You see the bbpress sidebar returns
    Drag the entries back from the inactive widgets area to the sidebar

    let us know if that works.



    No this did not work. Essentially you asked me to re-install the widget and repeat the initial installation instructions that i previously followed to the Tee. The firm side bar is still not appearing.

    What is my next step?


    Robin W



    Can you confirm that that you actually followed my instructions? Which weren’t to re-install the widget. If you’ve simply done that then you would not have changed any settings (they remain in the database on deletion and are just re-enlivened when the widget is re-installed) and you would still have the problem. If you follow the instructions, this changes settings and in many cases gets it working.

    But assuming you haven’t tried to guess what I was trying to get you to do, and have followed the instructions and these didn’t work, then we’ll try approach 2.

    This involves installing another plugin and using that to set conditions on the sidebar.

    so go to dashboard>plugins>install new and look for ‘widget logic’ by Alan Trewartha and install that.

    This lets you set conditions on when a widget appears in the sidebar.

    so now in your main sidebar if you look at any widgert you’ll see a new box at the bottom which says widget_logic

    for any widgets you want in all your pages including bbpress – just leave this blank
    for widgets that you just want in bbpress pages add the logic
    is_bbpress() in the widget logic box
    for widgets that you don’t want in bbpress pages add the logic
    !is_bbpress() in the widget logic box

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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