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My threaded replies beta now published

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    I’ve been working for weeks (on my off time) on a threaded view of bbpress posts and replies. Here’s the beta:

    Ute Fan Board

    A different look more similar to an old school list forum style. Lots of work to do but here’s what it does so far:

    1. Different format, more list/threaded. Recent topics show with the topic replies below
    2. Works on a page outside of bbpress, but hooks some bbpress functions.
    3. Posts new messages and replies, with metadata.
    4. Allows user to expand/shrink content area of each post/reply
    5. Posts/replies show as modal popup window instead of at the bottom of the forum.
    6. WordPress visual editor enabled (some bugs)
    7. Pagination

    Current bugs and pending additions:

    • Edit post/reply
    • Posts made from forum-threads do not show up in buddyPress “recent activities”
    • Visual editor add link does not work.
    • Twitter share button not setup yet
    • Facebook share button not setup yet

    It’s pretty hacky and I’m sure the code is not all that great, but it “seems” to work. I’ll be working on my bugs and new features soon.

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