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My history and child theme, withh buddypress and bbpress (please need help)

  • Well I come here 1 more time because I really can not do more and I need a little help please.

    I am using a child theme called Arras Classical Gamer. I test many times and try a lot of tutorial but is really impossible fix problem with bbpress.

    You can see my website here working perfectly with buddypress and pluging like BuddyPress Template Pack. That was my first hard mission but I do it well and everything work good with some change on CSS.

    Now the only problem I have is that forum bbpress dont work good. For example I creat a forum called Starcraft 2 and when I clic on view look what happen:

    I create a category of Starcraft 2 forum and look:

    So is simple, dont work but I continue looking here on forum and google then I try use Shortcodes from here, and look what happen:

    You can see ok I can fix the CSS to make it look better, but if you clic on forum or category continue with same problem, just test yourself and can see it.

    So guys please, some one can tell me please what can I do for implement my forum of bbpress in my website?

    I know on internet I have other forums and scripts, but I really love bbpress and all software make it by wordpress, buddypress, etc.

    Someone have mercy on me and help me a little? :)


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  • Really no one can tell me something? Please some help, I really need it, admin and creators of bbpress please help me…

    I continued to do some tests but continues to do the same. I have asked in the support forum wordpress theme, but nobody has any idea. So I’m giving up, I do not know what else to do.

    John James Jacoby


    Thank you John, I use bbPress 2.1 and using Shortcodes actually improve something. The list of forum looks better. But still not working correctly, you can see it again in

    I know no one will take so much trouble but if you want I can give you access to the web or create an instant portable wordpress ( with themes, plugin and everything ready to see what errors have. If not, nothing happens, I understand that you do not waste time on this with me.

    John thank you very much for your help, really appreciate it

    It looks to me that your theme is unable to find the BBpress templates. You could try copying the files from the BBpress (twenty ten) theme to your current theme folder. Than make a page called “forum” or whatever you want and put [bbp-forum-index] in it. This is for 2.0.2.

    Furthermore, what you could also try is activating the bbPress (Twenty Ten) theme and put “template: Arras Classical Gamer” in it’s style.css (or whatever it’s actually called). I don’t know if that’s the right way of doing it, probably not, but that’s how I got it to work with my theme.

    Thanks a lot for your help and time dude, I will try make some test about what you say, then I back for tell you if work.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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