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Mutlisite new registration issues

  • visuallycurious


    Hey guys,

    I installed Bbpress on one of my multisites and i have used a plugin to allow users to register tto resgister rather than allowing registrations at the network level.

    I have used the bbpress shortcodes for the registration page and the login page however when i test registering as a new user it redirects me to a local-signup page which i assume is happening due to it being a multisite? Is there any way to have only one form that meeds to be filled in? Do i need a user and registration plugin?

    The main issue i have is that qhen i do complete the registration process thw new user reveives no email…

    I then added a plugin for Smtp, configured it and it works in itself but not diffrrence to the bbpress registration process.

    Not sure how to fix the issue, i also tried allowing users to register at a network level but made no difference?

    Do i need to add somethinking like the Ultimate user registrations plugin or wp forms? Will that make a difference?

    Im ising using latest version of wp and bbpress on my site…

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