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multisite suggestions?

  • andrew55


    I have a big decision to make regarding bbPress. I have an eCommerce site we are about to launch which uses WooCommerce, with about 70 plugins.

    I could install bbPress (with all the plugins I need) in the single site as it is, but I’m concerned about having 80-90 total plugins in a single site (bbPress + Woo plugins).

    Also, I’m wondering how all those bbPress plugins in the same site as Woo will effect performance. I’d really rather not slow the eCommerce down, or bbPress for that matter.

    I know some plugins (scripts, etc) also load on every page/post even when they aren’t being used. I’ve seen and used methods to manage this, but it’s not a perfect science. So I might have bbPress scripts loading on Woo pages and vice versa. Of course the more scripts that load on a page, the slower that page becomes.

    What I was considering was creating a multisite installation and installing bbPress in a separate sub site from Woo. This way, all the bbPress plugins and performance drain would be isolated more to that specific site.

    Then again, I’m really not sure the best path to take. Any suggestions on where to go from here? Thanks for any help.

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