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Multisite Private Forums (current vsns)

  • aberglas


    The title says it. I have mutliple sites, and I need users that are registered to a site to be able to participate in the private forums of just that site. The problem seems to be bbPress’s totally confused capability model.

    By default private sites are hidden to users. There is a weird “Auto Role” option that can adds bbp_participant to all users. But that means that users get access to all forums on all sites.

    So turn that off. Try to add bbp_participant role explicitly using action ‘add_user_to_blog’
    However, that failed to add the user. WordPress really only supports one role per user, certainly set_role only accepts a single role and purges any others. So I think something is resetting it.

    Then I try simply
    get_role( ‘author’ )->add_cap( ‘read_private_topics’ ); // for bbpress.
    That successfully updates the database, but has no effect on bbpress. I suspect because one of the three(!) capability.php files in bbpress has
    case bbp_get_spectator_role() … ‘read_hidden_forums’ => false,
    rather than just leaving it out. So capabilities do not merge properly between roles.

    There is something called Dynamic roles whatever they might be.

    Maybe I need to abandon capabilities altogether and hook somewhere else? Maybe one of the numerous plugins works multisite?



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