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Multisite and bbPress Plugin

  • Bryan Hadaway


    The bbPress plugin doesn’t appear to work on multisite at all as far as creating topics is concerned. It works in appearance, displaying, adding cats and forums, adjusting settings etc.

    However, when submitting a topic nothing happens, it just sort of bounces/reloads the page but certainly doesn’t create/post the topic.

    Thanks, Bryan

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  • John James Jacoby


    Cool thanks for reporting. Any idea what role the users are that are having the issues? Are you able to post topics and replies as a site admin?

    Bryan Hadaway


    Users roles haven’t been changed from the default settings. The only settings set regarding users is that they can register AND create sites.

    No, not even as the super admin will it post.

    Thanks, Bryan

    I also tried it to Multisite and has the same problem… luckily the mutlisite is for testing purposes not the live Multisite for news

    Ryan Hellyer


    Have you guys been attempting this with subdomains or just folders on your multi-site installs?

    This will be darn handy once we can use it on multi-site :) Actually, it’ll be darn handy before then too, but it’ll be super darn handy once we can use it on multi-site.



    for me that was in subdomains :)

    Nothing appears at all…

    Ryan Hellyer


    I’m surprised it didn’t work. The posts etc. should show up just fine I’d have thought, since they’re simply custom post-types which should work fine on multi-site. I’ll try installing it myself tomorrow perhaps and see if I can work out what’s up with it.

    This would make managing my forums a lot easier if I can port them all to use multi-site. No more mucking around maintaining separate installs of everything, which I rarely update.

    I have similar issues with bbpress and multisite wordpress. When a new user registers himself, this user is not allowed to create a new topic.

    I am using ppbress Version 2.0-beta-3b. Do I have to make extra manual configurations?



    Same here.. users cant reply or create new topics.. not even the administrator of the multisite.. only the super admin can see forums in the admin and create topics/replys

    im using subdomain multisite.. and using bbPress plugin Version 2.0-beta-3b

    im gonna start tinkering with the code =P any insight on what classes should be modified would be useful thanks!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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