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Multiply problems: Widgets, integrating and plugins

  • Hello all.

    I know the title is a bit of a mess but I am a uber n00b. Im sure most of you know the answers and I have done some searching before posting here.

    Anyway, here we go.

    1) Widgets. I have some widgets at the side of the forum and in the topics that I don’t want. All that I would want is a recent topics and a login (perhaps a Facebook login) not all the gaff I have at the moment.

    2) I have tried to understand how to get the forum looking like my site but it’s beyond my level of ability. I have the Ecobiz theme from themeforest and the two seam to be fighting each other.

    3) I did get a plugin to enable users to login using Facebook. I made the ‘my-plugin’ folder and added all the plugin files but I can’t see where in the bbPress settings page to enable the plugin.

    Finally, why does my forum page give the name of a private forum that I have created and not something like ‘Forum’

    As I said, some simple but rather fundamental problems here.

    Hope you can help. Here is the site address.


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