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Multiple forums with access request

  • faustodassenno


    Hi all,
    I am designing a community website using WP and I would like to run multiple forums. Every forum will be connected to a group and for this, I am using the private group plugin.
    Users can register to the community but not necessarily be part of any group.
    As a user registered on the website (wp)
    when I try to access a forum I am not a member
    then I see a call to action that allows me to request access to the forum
    then a request is recorded and an email is sent to the admins

    Is there any plugin to do the above?



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  • Robin W


    if you set forum visibility, you can then set a redirect to a page for non-logged in users and another for logged in users.

    so create a page and use a contact form plugin, such as contact form 7, so they can request access to other forums, which will then send you an email.

    install contact form plugin, there are many but contact form 7 is very popular.
    create a form with maybe a drop down list of forums users can request access to
    create a page and put shortcode to the form in this
    set redirect in private groups to go to that page

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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