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Multiple forums and capabality

  • NormadSoul



    English is not my forte. I will try to write you understand what I mean and what I want and something advise.

    We’re going to be a big project. We establish mmporg page in which guild will have its pages, posts and also their forum and all in one website.

    BbPress will do together with Budypress.

    I set up the group in Buda press and there a separate forum, but can not add multi layer one major forum in the forum. It has to do administration on the bulletin board in WordPress.

    Assign rights administrators with limited options, but the problem is that it can delete all topics and I do not want it. It may read topics.

    I want to set that could delete your own topics and dirty.

    I adjusted the law in the bbPress code, such as false and true, may well lubricated.

    I just want that each guild had their own separate forum and in which their users and manage this forum only. The others can not do.

    Thank you

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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