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multiple bbPress instances sharing the same set of tables

  • christopherh


    Hi all,

    I want to create one bbPress forum using 2 different languages. Without using any plugin I think I can achieve this by these steps:

    (1) Prepare the directories <WebRoot>/bbpress/US and <WebRoot>/bbpress/FR

    (2) put the files in the US directory first.

    (3) Start the installation using http://localhost/bbpress/US

    (4) All tables are installed as usual. Forum can operate in full

    (5) copy all the files under /US directory to /FR directory

    (6) change the /FR/bb-config.php

    define(‘BB_LANG’, ”); to become define(‘BB_LANG’, ‘fr’);

    (7) clone the database table bb_topicmeta to bb_topicmeta2

    (8) change the uri value in bb_topicmeta2 to http://localhost/bbpress/FR

    (9) change the table name reference for table bb_topicmeta to bb_topicmeta2 under /FR

    Under this installation any user can go to http://localhost/bbpress/US for forum in English; or http://localhost/bbpress/FR in French. However, all the post content, tag, user profile are the same.

    Okay…I’m looking up and down and still unable to do step (9). I cna only figure out the table names are defined in file /bb-includes/db.php. I made the change

    var $tables = array( ….’topicmeta’…) to var $tables = array( ….’topicmeta2’…)

    but it did not really change the table name reference.

    So all bbPress guru…is my approach incorrect or I actually go the wrong way ? Any help is welcome. Thanks !!!

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