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Multiple avatar sizes.

  • RukiaR7


    Ok so I’m using buddypress, and as I understand it subscribers to my website have the comments, buddypress, and bbpress all connected. So if you upload a avatar for one it’ll be used for all. As I understand it being on wordpress for a month.

    Is there a (simple noob) way or plugin to get options on avatar sizes? And somehow get it to work for buddypress, bbpress, and comments. Or at least bbpress.

    In other words if users upload a square avatar it’ll be square in the comments, buddypress profile, and bbpress since they’re all connected. Or if they upload a long rectangular one it’ll be long and rectangular everywhere also. I can settle for square in the comments but I really want long ones in buddy and bbpress.

    Or would I have to change the code in buddypress, and in bbpress, and somehow for the comments as I think I do. If thats the case I only ask for help with the bbpress since this is bbpress support.

    I know how to change the avatar size in buddypress from this article (though I haven’t tried it yet, I like to gather information then potentially ruin my site afterwards).

    Problem is I’m not sure if the cropping will still work if I change from square to rectangle as the cropping seems to only work in squares. So I found this article to deal with the cropping. Though I haven’t tested it yet.

    So I just wanted to ask before I mess something up if there is a better way to accomplish all this or if there was a plugin or anything and if I change all these settings in buddypress would it be the same for bbpress andor the comments. Thanks for any help.

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