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Multilingual forum by sub domain

  • I was thinking about using vBulletin for this but it would be way too complicated, I’d rather have a light weight script I can hack about.

    I want to create a forum split into completely seperate sections for each language (maybe 8 different ones). My first question is are sub forums allowed? I’ll presume so and continue. The main way I can think to achieve this is by using ‘parent’ forums with one for each language and then using the sub forum structure within those to create sperate forums using different language.

    I also want each language to have it’s own sub domain.

    I’ve never used bbPress before but I’m good with php so I’m sure I can figure something out but I’m just looking for feedback. I’m wondering if any other people know of any better solutions for achieving this..

    The basic requirements are:

    Different sub domain for each language

    Seperate forum structure for each language

    Global users for every language

    Managed by same install

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