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Moving WordPress and BBPress to new server

  • KMCWeb


    I’m in the process of moving an established WordPress/BBPress setup to a new server. It is installed in a 2nd level directory named http://[server]/town-square/ which is the WordPress install directory. It has been working fine on the old server for over a year. I am only using the BBPress and Calendar plugins. Their slugs are /town-square/forums/ and /town-square/calendar/

    Clicking the links to those pages I get a 404.

    I can login in as admin by directly accessing /town-square/wp-login.php (albeit with a funny pre-login that seems to be required by the hosting company). Logged in as admin I have access to all the usual dashboard functionality and the plugin config pages.

    I also have access to the WordPress database by phpMyAdmin. I did alter a few of the wp_options values to reflect the new domain name that I am obliged to use until we can transfer the current domain name to the new server. Those changes corrected a few problems with the links that WordPress constructed.

    My question is: How do I make the links to the plugin pages work via their slugs?

    Many thanks

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