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Moving to another server and going from icy phoenyx (phpbb) to bbpress

  • I run a site that have two forums

    One is private, only for our clients, and the other is public. Both run in a domain and on Icy Phoenix, a CSM based on phpbb2. The thing is im moving the site to a .com domain and to a wordpress platform and cos of that i want to use the bbpress forums to integrate the whole site.

    I read a couple of tutorial on the net. The initial idea was to go from icyphoenix to phpbb 2, then to bbpress.

    In theory it sounded good but i ran into a couple of problems. For starters i wasnt able to convert succesfully from Icy Phoenix to phpbb2. The other problem i saw is that somewhere in the tables from the forums the domain remains So when i try to run it in the .com domain its keeps linking me to the old urls.

    So the questions would be…

    -Theres an easier way? like getting into the tables and doing it all manually?

    -There is some reliable script around i can use?

    -How to solve the problem with the different urls?

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