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  • chrissydunno


    i can’t seem to move topics as an admin

    i have 3 forums and new topics are placed into 1st. Number 2 and 3 are in the dropdown of options but they are grayed out – I can’t select them. Anyone encountered it?

    Also, in admin panel under forums there is a ‘Forum is Category:’ checkmark. What does this do? I can’t seem to be able to change that. (1st forum has it the other two do not) I thought that maybe these problems are related.

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  • Hey Chrissy,

    If you have six fora (veg, carrot, beets, corn, dog, pets), you set veg and pets as categories. Then you make the dog forum a child of the category forum pet and the rest as children of veg.

    When you display your forum list (e.g. on the frontpage), you’ll see the category fora as ‘headings’ for their children… One doesn’t usually get to post in the category fora. They’re, well, like headings.



    unfortunately making them children or parents doesn’t do it

    i’m noticing it has to do with ‘forum is category’ .. if the checkbox is marked the forum is grayed out and you cannot add or move topics to it

    if it’s not marked there is no problem

    however i cannot change the status of the checkbox for existing forums .. unchecking and saving doesn’t work .. it stays checked



    What version bbPress did you install? Maybe it’s a bug changing from a category and then back not working.

    I have an Alpha 2 installation, and I created a forum, made it a category, then added some sub-categories. Then, I unchecked the “Forum is category” on the top forum, and it became a regular forum, and I was able to post in it. At that point it was just hierarchical, with a top level forum and three sub-forums, not a parent category that would not allow posts. I think this is exactly how the “Forum is Category” functionality is supposed to work.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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