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Move posts to a separate table

  • sourfew


    Why can’t bbpress have it’s own table to store posts etc? This will speed up db queries when using post tracking etc.
    bbpress is very barebone but not very powerfull. There are plugins that extend the functionality but because of bbpress architecture it will not scale well.
    Everything is stored in postmeta which grow very large. I have hundred of thousands of posts and for every post there is 10 entries in the postmeta table.

    I think if bbpress can have a “normal” way of storing it’s information it will attract more users and more developers. Dedicated forum systems like Xenforo etc are superior but they are lacking everything else that you want to have on your site. There are bridges etc but it will never be the same.

    There are other forums for wordpress like wpForo and Asgaros but they don’t really cut it at the moment.

    Let’s bring bbPress alive by giving it a new fresh db table layout!!!

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