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Move bbPress to another site

  • zeaks


    Is it possible to move bbPress to another (new) WordPress install and keep all existing posts and forum content? I don’t care about users, I just want to keep the information on the forums.

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  • Robin W



    Just set up the new area, and add the bbpress plugin

    Then export (dashboard>tools>export) from the old area – you’ll want post and forums as minimum, but you can take everything if you want.

    Then import into the new area. You will need to install the wordpress importer, but that is part of the process, so just say yes when prompted.

    Part of the import process will ask you who to assign imported posts to, and you can decide to allocate them to admin, an existing user in the new site or (if you exported everything) to the imported users.



    Great thanks, i never even thought of using the import/export options.

    Is there any way to clean up the original sites database after moving the forums? Looks like forum information is within the WordPress tables instead of its own wpbb_ whatever tables, I don’t know much about databases so I could be wrong.



    This didn’t work. I went to tools > export, selected forums, exported it, did the same with replies and topics. If I select posts, it will export the blog posts.

    Some of the forum info shows up like, forums and sub forums and sticky posts. In the sidebar widget it is showing forum topics, and I can go to them, but in the actual forum, it’s empty besides the sticky posts.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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