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Move BBPress over to a new database?

  • Ramiuz


    Is it possible to move the content of an existing BBPress installation over to a different database?

    Keeping users, passwords, posts and discussions?

    I´m not too skilled with databases, but it looks like I can export and import in MyPHP Admin in Cpanel. And if doing so, will I still be able to keep the data on that other existing database as well?

    I´m really stuck in a pickle here because when I installed BBPress 1.02, everyone was saying “screw migration”. And it simply didn´t work. So I had to install it on its own database.

    Now if I want to convert to version 2, I need to have all the data on one common database.

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  • silvietta64


    I have the same problem!

    someone can help us?


    I’m also looking to do this – move my buddypress install to a new url. Is it possible to export/import everything? Do I just need to copy the tables from WordPress?



    Yes, its definitely possible. You will need to make a backup of you all your files and a backup of your mySQL database.

    You will need to change the DB depending if the domain will be the same or not.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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