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Moderator logic/inconsistencies

  • Nate


    Hi fellas,

    So in the midst of this change to bbPress, and while I’ve been incredibly impressed, the moderator functions are a bit perplexing.

    Problem No 1: Currently, if Moderator ‘A’ deletes a post, it’s viewable to him on the front-end as something that can be restored. However, no other moderator or even Key Master can view this, unless they go in through the back-end and check the Trash. Logically, you would think that if all mods can see this queue on the back-end, it would be visible on the front-end to them as well. If mods take a team approach, as they often do, this would be a must.

    But the real problem begins on the back-end, and assuming my bbPress is installed and functioning correctly (I’ve reverted to TwentyTwelve in case it’s a theme problem), posts that sit in the trash cannot be restored. Every time we try to Restore a post from the back-end, we’re met with “Are you sure you want to do this?” and an error occurs.

    Problem No. 2: Key Masters can move a post to another forum from the front-end. Moderators cannot move a post from the front-end, but *CAN* move a post from the back-end.

    Again, these inconsistencies are perplexing.

    Unless, of course, my site is buggy … but like I said, I’ve deactivated all other plug-ins and even switched back to TwentyTwelve and it persists.


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  • John James Jacoby


    Can you try these same things with 2.3 RC 1, and let me know if you have any luck? Lots of little issues like these have been fixed since November 2012, so it’s possible 2.3 will fix these for you.



    Thanks @johnjamesjacoby

    I just installed 2.3 RC 1 and have noticed that Problem No. 2 (moving posts on the front-end) is now resolved. Fantastic!

    However, the initial problem still remain: Deleted posts are only viewable on the front-end to the moderator who initially made the request; and I’m still receiving an error message when I attempt to Restore from Trash.



    … and one additional thing, but I think you are already aware: Hidden forum posts are still surfacing in search results.

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