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  • I have bbpress plugin + buddypress installed.

    If I use the “Mark as Spammer” function in buddypress, because it is not linked with bbpress plugin, this Member is still allowed to post in the Forums !!

    This is a big issue for me as I have 10k members on my website, and hopefully most of them will join my forums soon … and unfortunately, some of them are real troublemakers that we need to control in some ways …

    I hope that bbpress plugin will get more advanced moderation tools very soon !

    Any plans about this ?

    Thank you

    PS. I understand that bbpress plugins users are the same as my WordPress subscribers … I wonder if I could use a regular wordpress plugin for this ? Any help appreciated !

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  • master5o1


    I have an interesting plugin that may be a solution that puts the control of blocking troublemakers and annoying people at the level of users.

    I’ve made a plugin that allows people to block any post or topic from any user from being visible to them.

    It allows a user, Alice, to maintain a list of ignored users. So when Alice decides to ignore any other user, Bob, then she will no longer be shown any of Bob’s topics or posts.

    Of course, sometimes Alice might want to view a post made by Bob, so it is possible to view ignored posts or topics by clicking a “Show Topics” or “Show Posts” link.

    Alice can remove Bob from her ignore list by going to her profile where her ignore list is displayed privately.

    * Moderators cannot be ignored by anyone.

    * A user cannot ignore themselves.

    * A user’s ignore list is private and viewable only to that user or an administrator (or rather, some user who can edit that user’s profile).

    * A user (e.g.) Admin who can edit that user’s (Alice’s) profile can also remove ignored users (Bob) from the user’s (Alice’s) profile.

    Sound good? I call it self-censorship and self-moderation. I’m going to build a few more plugins based on self-censorship and self-moderation.

    Sounds good indeed,

    For many of those little annoying posts …

    And I’ll probably install this plugin too,

    But …. if the user is a real troublemaker (and posts many promotion offers for a competitor’s website, or post racial discrimination comments, or any other very offensive content, I cannot tolerate those posts to physically stay online on my pages …

    I must find a way to give my moderators the power to erase those posts (that is oK) and to erase, or block this user account and ban this email adress.

    They will come back under other usernames and emails, but that, I’m used to !



    It will exist. I’m not particularly interested in that at the moment.

    Personally I liken my plugin to the a personalised version of the Bozo plugin.

    WHat if,

    with your plugin, we could have Moderators FORCING user X to be ignored by all users ?

    That would do the trick for me !



    I could easily create a mandatory block list, yes. I’ll play with that idea in the next couple of days.



    Allows a user, Alice, to keep a list of ignored users. So when Alice decides to ignore any user, Bob, then it will not show any of the issues Bob or messages.

    Of course, sometimes Alice may want to see a post made by Bob, so you can see the ignored messages or topics by clicking a “Theme Show” or “Show Messages”.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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