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Moderation help

  • katmmad


    I’m having some moderation issues on my site…

    a) At least for some users, EVERYTHING they post is going to the moderation queue, despite settings both within WordPress (Settings–>Discussion) (which allows comments to be posted once there’s something approved by that author), within a plugin called “bbPress Moderation” (which allows topics and replies to be posted once there’s something approved by that author).

    b) is there an easier way for an admin to publish topics and replies that go into moderation? Right now I have to manually “edit” each item and then click “publish”, which seems to take like 3 steps longer than WordPress’s default comment moderation system (where you can either bulk approve comments or where you can click “approve” instead of “edit” and “trash.”

    I’ve tried turning off all plugins, toggling settings, and so forth, and nothing works. Please help! I’m running latest installations of WordPress, Buddypress, bbPress… GEnesis/Prose. Thank you.

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  • a) I would suggest you contact the plugin author at to see why all posts by some users are going into the moderation queue.

    b) As per the plugin FAQ

    > To approve multiple topics or replies you can use the bulk actions
    > option. Click the pending link, select all topics or replies then Bulk
    > Actions->Edit and change the status to Publish.

    Again, ask the plugin author if that can be integrated into the plugin, better moderation tools are planned for future bbPress releases.

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