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Moderation by Forum

  • Brian


    Folks, I’m new to bbPress, but I’m setting it up for a client’s membership site. They want a general forum for their members, where any member can post at any time (in other words, no moderation before posting).

    Then they want a more-restrictive forum, where members can create drafts which must be approved before they are published.

    I’ve tested bbP with bbPress Moderation by Ian Stanley, and it works in general — but requiring all posts to be moderated. I’m currently working with FV bbPress Tweaks, which appears to be brand new, but also seems to work and has a few more features.

    However, I’m not seeing anything that allows settings for individual forums. Seems like the sort of thing people would want.

    This all-or-nothing approach seems baffling to me, so I’m hoping that I’ve missed something obvious. Any relief here?

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  • Brian



    Robin W


    I suspect you’ll need to pay someone to amend Ian Stanley’s plugin

    From a very quick look Line 133 of the plugin would be the place to do it, as a specific fix, you could just put a check for open forum here (probably post parent) and return $data if it is one of the open ones ala line 132.

    Really depends on how many open vs. moderated forums as to whether you make this inclusive or exclusive at that point.



    Appreciate the info. I’m currently testing a different forum, and it looks like it might work with no customization needed.

    I like the idea, interesting approach, if you have other findings, let us know.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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