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[mod] bbPress Recent Topic Advanced and Recent Replies Advanced

  • ratsoid2


    Hey guys,
    I am doing a project needs a forum, so I’m using bbPress 2.0. Since it’s for my company which is multinational and we have more than 1 language spoken, I modified the Recent Replies and Recent Topics widgets to show the parent forum so that people can determine if they can actually understand what is in there. You can add the Show Parent Forum through te widget option and I sticked to the original code format when doing the mod.

    I didn’t create a plugin for this, if someone wants to, they can go ahead and do just that. Maybe add others options that they want. Code is below:

    put it in a .php file, and in functions.php add something like

    include TEMPLATEPATH . '/lib/widgets/widget-bbpress.php';

    of course, replace /lib/widgets/widget-press.php with your location to the file.

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