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Missing Hyperlink on Usernames and Profile Pics

  • bigidol


    I’m running: BBPRESS 2.5.14, WordPress 4.8.2 and BuddyPress 2.9.1

    I am currently building the site, utilizing the “Highend” Theme. Feel free to create user accounts and test at will.

    1: The hyperlinks attached to profile images and usernames work perfectly in BuddyPress sections of the site such as Groups and Profile Pages.

    2: The hyperlinks attached to profile images and usernames do not exist on bbpress pages. This makes it nearly impossible to navigate to other user profiles.

    3: While logged out and viewing Forum Index, usernames and respective profile images appear under Freshness display time. There are no hyperlinks on these while logged out.

    4: While logged in and viewing the Forum Index, Freshness displays only time, no usernames or profile images.

    The most important thing to me right now is repairing the missing hyperlinks while viewing the forum. I would like to stabilize the Freshness situation by removing profile images/usernames completely or making it entirely functional. I am an entry level site builder looking to learn as I go. This site will be used by hundreds or thousands due to a large social media following. I love the challenge but it’s hard to find where to start on these issues.

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