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Minor theme-naming issue

  • This is a VERY minor issue, but I think it’s worth pointing out.

    I’m working on integrating a BBPress installation into a WordPress site. As I work with the client, I like to name the folders containing the current theme/template with the version number, to make it easy to backtrack to older designs.

    So for example, theme version 0.1 is in a folder named client_theme_v0.1, version 0.2 is in a folder named client_theme_v0.2, and so on.

    This works fine in WordPress, but NOT in BBPress. If I include a period in the BBPress template folder name, it breaks the template—BBPress doesn’t find the style.css file. So instead of using periods in the version number, I have to use (shock! horror!) underscores. As in, client_theme_v0_1. *Shudder.*

    It would be nice, in a very minor way, if I could use periods in BBPress template folder names.

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