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Migrating from phpBB

  • tomijolkkonen


    Ok yes, starting with I’m completely new to this and I need to redesign my Father in laws, forum website. This would be my first time doing this and he said that there is no hurry as he heard from my wife that I know how to code but the thing is I’m only at the basics of C# so not sure if any use here but on to the point.

    So he is not able to connect to the old website host site because I dont think it really exists anymore and/or was transferred to another host service. But he has a backup from the old database that used phpBB and he is not really willing to part with everything that was stored in that forum as it contains over 10 years of garthered info on the matter which is central to the forum. So I don’t feel that copying every post would be really a good way as there are around 200k posts on it.
    So I have a wordpress site setup with BBpress and have the basics and the serviceprovider has the database on phpmyadmin. I’m looking to use the backup to somehow have the posts etc showup without messing with the actual site but im ok even if it wipes the new design.

    I have tried using bbPress import tool but to no avail. I have not found any info considering this. So the old site is still active but I have no access to the old database but I have the old backup. The import tool did not make much sense to me but I tried.For example I am not sure do I use the root name when typing in the database name in the import tool so I have tried to look for a deeper explanation.Also I dont know how the old posts would show up in bbPress.

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  • Robin W


    ‘the serviceprovider has the database on phpmyadmin’.
    ‘but I have no access to the old database’

    if the service provider has given you the old database, then those credentials should work?

    so do you have access to the old database?



    Sorry for the confusion. I did mean that I had no access to the old database but I got the sql.gz file of the old database backup that I transferred to a new phpmyadmin that the service provider had made with a wordpress site install. I’m not sure where to continue this anymore. Should I just whipe everything and start over or try to work it out. Again sorry for the confusion. So to put it simply so there is not confusion as I know I’m not the most clear when trying to explain something. I’m making a forum site for father-in-law. He has a old forum still on that is running phpBB. I need to transfer the forum posts etc from sql.gz file to the new site. I don’t know how the transfer tool works and couldn’t find a tutorial. Also if I did get it right I have no idea how to make it show up in bbPress.

    Robin W


    I’ve never used phpbb, but suggest you need to get the database loaded somewhere, which will then have access. You can then convert from there

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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