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migrating bbpress to wordpress – want forum only

  • Hi,

    I seem to have successfully migrated my bbpress database (1.1) into the latest (2.11) wordpress plugin version. The problem is I dont want the wordpress “site” at all – just the forum (as it used to be in its standalone version – accessed via a link from my main site menu).

    In addition I can only access the forum at present via the dashboard and ‘view’. It does not appear as a menu command on the wordpress “site” or anywhere else on that page. How does one find the forums at all on that “home” page?

    What I am trying to do is recreate what I had before (with custom template too) under this new setup. I would not have moved to Wpress but was forced to as the bbpress 1 forum is getting chinese spammers every day and the registration approval plugin doesnt work at all.

    I hope this is clear enough for some good help/advice! I cannot find any good simple steps to convert the one into the other. Do I have to base my entire site on WordPress now (will have to junk wpress if I am forced to do that!) or can I recreate what I had before when bbpress was a standalone forum?



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  • Anonymous User 5853594


    You could create a page and use the shortcodes to display the forum there. You can then set the page as home, instead of the blog (under Settings > Reading).

    From there you’ve got the forum index on the frontpage. You could create other pages to handle registration and other account related things.

    You’ll want to read through for the shortcodes.

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