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Migrating bbpress forums to Buddy press?

  • Miniflowers


    Hi, has anyone migrated their forums from bbpress to buddy press? I’m wondering if this is a viable option since bbpress “hidden forums” option doesn’t seem to work and developers stopped updating their plugins since bbpress doesn’t seem to be active. Thanks!

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  • Nominasi


    no one answered, I am also waiting for the answer

    I don’t think so. The default bbPress works differently compared to BuddyPress Group Forums, (it’s not like bbPress to SimplePress or vice versa) so it would be troublesome to migrate it from one to another one, and I don’t see a reason to create a plugin for that.

    You say “hidden forums” don’t work. Can you describe it?

    And it’s unfair to say that the bbPress developers stopped updating their plugins. FYI they are currently developing bbPress 2.1 which is still under development and bbPress project is still alive.

    You can see it for yourself:



    Thanks, sniperkitten. I didn’t realize the bbpress developers were still active. I’ve been searching everywhere for answers and everything I read said they weren’t going to update. I’m glad to hear this isn’t the case :).

    As far as hidden forums, I found a work around b/c we’re going to protect our content through Wishlist Member – but what I was referring to is when you create a forum, it can either be set to “private” (which is for admins), ‘hidden’ which is supposed to be (from what I’ve read) so it’s visible to certain members and not others – like membership levels. It doesn’t seem to work though. When I set the forum to “hidden” it still shows. I looked around on various sites and the last thing I could find on it was posted 6 months ago saying it was a bug, and it would get worked out. But as far as I can tell it hasn’t.

    Thanks for responding!

    Actually you can edit the other role (beside admins & moderators) so that they can read, post & reply in private forums. Just add read_private_topics, read_private_replies & read_private_forum to the role you desired



    IF you use bbPress 2.0 or newer, you can just install BuddyPress, and during the install you can tell BP that you have an existing forum. I did that, and BP + bbP integrated well.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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