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Migrate / Import Kunena to bbPress tool

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  • cberry


    To add to this.

    Old Kunena forums ver. Kunena 2.0.4 (MYSQL 5.0 – Hosted by GoDaddy)

    Below is the error we get when running the import tool that is provided in WordPress/bbPress.

    Repair any missing information: Continue

    WordPress database error: [Unknown character set: ‘utf8mb4’]
    SELECT convert( USING “utf8mb4”) AS id,convert(kunena_topics.posts USING “utf8mb4”) AS posts,convert(kunena_topics.category_id USING “utf8mb4”) AS category_id,convert(kunena_topics.first_post_userid USING “utf8mb4”) AS first_post_userid,convert(kunena_messages.ip USING “utf8mb4”) AS ip,convert(kunena_topics.first_post_message USING “utf8mb4”) AS first_post_message,convert(kunena_topics.subject USING “utf8mb4”) AS subject,convert(kunena_topics.first_post_time USING “utf8mb4”) AS first_post_time,convert(kunena_topics.last_post_time USING “utf8mb4”) AS last_post_time,convert(kunena_topics.locked USING “utf8mb4”) AS locked FROM jos_kunena_topics AS kunena_topics LEFT JOIN jos_kunena_messages AS kunena_messages USING (id) LIMIT 0, 100

    No topics to convert
    No forum parents to convert
    Starting Conversion



    We resolved this. The simple solution was to go into GoDaddy (I know.. I know..) and create a new DB that I called ForumDBTest. Then I backed up the old database that had the old Kunena ver 2. Then restore that to the ForumDBTest which was on a higher MYSQL version equal to the one we built on the new site. Then I imported from ForumDBTest to the database we built. Worked like a charm! Everything came over.

    Robin W


    Great – glad you are fixed, and thank you also for posting back how you resolved – that will help others coming to this topic in future

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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