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Migrate from Vbulletin to bbPress

  • summerfeeling


    Hello there,

    I run at the time a vBulletin Forum with the version 4.2.2. I have placed a new WordPress installation today and bbPress install the latest version. I want to migrate all the data of vBulletin to bbPress.
    Primarily are important to me, posts, attachments, users and especially the side structure (SEO).
    I have the Importer with the correct credentials filled the Vbulletin Forum.

    However, I get the following error message:

    Repair any missing information: Continue
    WordPress database error: [Table ‘’ does not exist]
    SELECT convert (forum.forumid USING “utf8”) AS forumID, convert (forum.parentid USING “utf8”) AS parentid, convert (forum.threadcount USING “utf8”) AS thread count, convert (forum.replycount USING “utf8”) AS reply count, convert (forum.title USING “utf8”) AS title, convert (forum.title_clean USING “utf8”) AS title_clean, convert (forum.description USING “utf8”) AS description, convert (forum.displayorder USING “utf8 “) AS displayorder FROM Forum AS forum LIMIT 0, 100
    No boards started to convert passwords reset Conversion

    Why is that and how can I implement my plan successful? What am also very puzzled: Why is behind my database name, a point with forum added?

    I would be your help very, very grateful. :))

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  • summerfeeling


    Hello there,

    I think, to have after a long testing found the solution.
    For those who are perhaps facing the same problem:
    It is probably important to use the same prefix from the original source of the database. If the login information and the prefix agree, works of import.

    I wish you success.



    The data regarding no of voices is not increasing on my site.
    I have tried all options.
    Please can anyone help?

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