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Messed up style in search results page

  • alegrigis


    Hello everyone!

    I’ve set up a bbPress forum on a clean WordPress installation and applying the simpliest boxed theme to it (twentysixteen). I tested ie and everything was working fine so I made a child theme and started styling it.

    Problem is, almost at the end of the customization, I realized that when I search something in the top form, the results page is completely messed up and I can’t seem to figure out why…

    I’ve done some googling and ended up on these two topics:
    Search css issues…
    Template in Extras Directory for Search Results

    But they didn’t help me because as for the first one, by using What The FIle plugin, turns out the files WP pulls up in the index and search restults are the same; as for the second one, I didn’t import any custom UI and the theme I created was made a child of twentysixteen which was quite vanilla as for looks.

    I admit I’m not a sharp expert on the matter, but I’m out of options…
    Does anyone have an idea of why the results page breaks so badly?

    Thanks in advance for your replies!
    Have a nice day 🙂

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  • alegrigis


    False alarm!

    My bad actually… I’ve put two rogue styles in my child CSS pointing to .forum-search, which is not used in all pages but the search results, where it’s applied to the <body>, obviously breaking everything. 😀

    Have a nice day!



    Thank you for this, I was looking for the selector for the forum search results page… _/\_

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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