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Merging BBPress theme with WP theme

  • Hello friends,

    I’m trying to import the BBPress theme into my main theme, Vithy. I’ve tried it once, it did not work at all. The only thing what occurred is that the whole website was blank except for the header.

    I’ve followed the manual how to do it the right way but still having issues.

    This is what i did:

    1. Moved all of the files including folders from “bbp-twentyten” to “wp-content” -> “themes” -> “vithy” .

    2. Added “add_theme_support( ‘bbpress’ );” to functions.php

    No result. Am i missing something? I have already changed some looks of the default theme.

    To view my website (its hidden, you need to log in with this normal user)


    user: public

    pass public@user

    I’ve already put everything back to the default folders like it was! So it isn’t done yet!

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