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Membership and forum access

  • walama


    I currently have both bbpress and buddy press installed on my page. I have setup some private forums on the bbpress sites.

    Right now, registration is manual as we want to control who can be a member.

    What I would prefer is:
    — Users submit their information and membership is approved.
    — A nice to have here would be that either user names were just email addresses OR when approving the membership, the admin then assigned the user name

    We would also like to restrict the access to the forums so that there are 3 sets of users — One that can read all boards, one that can read a subset of boards, and one that can only read a single board.

    Are there plugins that people recommend for this? Also, while I originally thought we would be using the social media aspects of buddy press, we don’t seem to be. Is there any reason to leave it installed?

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  • Robin W


    in no particular order

    If you’re not using buddypress, then better to deactivate.

    in terms of having users with different access, then my private groups plugin will let you do that

    Private groups

    There are several plugins that have new user approval such as

    New User Approve



    These both worked amazingly well. Thanks!

    Robin W


    great – glad you are fixed

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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