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Members default settings

  • I recently installed bbpress and then Members so I could restrict some content only to people who have signed in.

    What doesn’t make sense to me is that I have a forum that is locked to certain user roles. But if a member posts a topic in that forum, the topic is public and I have to manually restrict its access.

    Same thing with a reply. The forum is restricted – the topic has been manually restricted but the reply to that topic is public.

    I looked in settings and didn’t see anywhere to change the default settings so that everything is restricted unless I open it to the public (which would be the easy fix for this).

    Is there anyway to a) make everything restricted by default or b) make the settings on a topic and reply match the forum it’s in?

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  • Correction: Even after I’ve restricted both the topic and reply they are still publicly visible.

    AND when I am logged out and click on a topic that is supposed to be restricted – when I go back to the forum page it acts as if I’m logged in and I’m able to see all content.

    Clearly something is wrong but I have no idea what or where. help?

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