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memberpress integration with bbpress

  • realadulting101


    i am looking for some help as currently i am using BBPress with my Memberpress Course plugin (online course subscription). I am working on the user dashboard and there is a tab called “forum profile” which I think is for their BBPress forum profile. When I click “edit” as the user, it takes me to a page where they can edit their forum profile info, but it also is showing some other strange info like our site blog posts and their points that they’ve earned. There is also no way for them to edit their profile photo. Does anyone know how to fix this by chance?
    A second question is as a user, they can make a post but it has to have a topic. is there anyway for them to just post or do they need a topic to start a conversation?
    My wordpress is 5.8.2 using the astra theme and the plugin is memberpress and memberpress courses which integrates with bbpress.
    Thank you so much.

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  • Robin W


    you first questions are I think members press related, so need to be referred to them.

    bbpress works on topics and replies – it’s logic is that you can’t reply to nothing, so yes you need a topic 🙂

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