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Member “Forum Topics Started” Pagination is Broken

  • terranova23


    Hi there,

    I have a client who is using BuddyPress and bbPress, among other plugins to run a membership site. Recently they noticed an issue on user profiles, under the Forums tab where Forum Topics Started by that user are listed. The first page shows up fine, but attempting to click on Page 2, 3, or beyond gives a 404 error.

    The site is using WP 5.3.2, BuddyPress 5.1.2, and bbPress 2.6.3 (all latest I believe). The site URL is

    I have attempted resetting permalinks, disabling all other plugins and reverting to a standard theme, and none of this made a difference. I also dug up lots of forum and support threads which seemed to have similar issues, but it wasn’t the exact same and I couldn’t find a fix.

    One odd thing I noticed is that the URL template for the main page is like this:

    But when I click to the next page, it loses the /forums to become:

    I tried adding back in the /forums part but it still gives a 404. Not sure if this is relevant but I thought I should include.

    Hoping someone can point me in the right direction for fixing this. If you need any other info, let me know. Or if this is more a question for BuddyPress, I can post there. But I figured since it involves forum posts it was more relevant here.


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