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max queries because of entry of forums???

  • Nino


    Hello 🙂

    I am creating a new page that has nearly no other traffic.

    The site will be very big with many forums! I just added ca. 600 Forums. If I enter ca. 30 forums per hour I get just max query of 150.000! Could that be? Then I have to wait until the rest of the hour ends to enter more.

    The more I enter, the less forums I can enter per hour….

    But in final there will be thousands of forums…..

    Is there an alternative way to enter the forums? Without that many queries?

    Thanks in forward!!!

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  • This I would say is an issue for your web hosting provider and has nothing to do with bbPress or WordPress.

    Contact them about upgrading your plan for greater database queries per hour and/or bandwidth.



    Yes, I thougt the same, but could that be that only from typing/saving in forums that comes from?

    If I have much more forums as planned I would have millions of queries, or?

    I just asked them to upgrade the plan. Normally I had 75.000 queries/hour and user. The first upgrade to 150.000 queries was 20 US$ per month.

    For that reason I asked, if there is an alternative to enter the forums, e.g. direkt into database per import or something like this?



    I analysed the situation with the Plugin “Query monitor” and also the addon for bbpress and buddypress. There is normally all green. Sometimes there appear a slow query, but nothing problematic!

    I analysed also how many queries there are generated for
    administrating a new forum = about 50
    to show the new result = about 50-60.

    So in sum we have about 100 queries to generate and show the new forum.

    But after about 30 new forums the system shuts connection and throws install.php

    I think it´s a problem on side of the provider and wrote him the situation.

    I am very interested to see his reaction…

    The question is also for what I am paying now 20 bucks a month more than before, without bettering the situation????!!!!

    I would find a new web hosting provider, you should be able to find a provider with a vast improvement on the amount of database queries for that same price.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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