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Max Forums/Categories & Subforums

  • billy835


    Hello, does anyone know the max number of forums/categories and subforums you can have on a single WordPress site before it becomes unstable? Does anyone know where you can find best practices for structuring forum and subforum hierarchy? For my project I will likely start with ten categories, which will each have three subforums or categories, which in turn will have two or three layers of subforums likely resulting in several hundred subforums on the site. I don’t have a live site to link to yet and will be using most recent versions of WP and bbPress.

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  • Robin W


    bbpress is very scalable, wordpress with around 55,000 plugins (each one with it’s own forum) uses it for their support.

    bbpress just uses the wordpress custom post type and posts table in the database.

    issues on a very large site will be due to the time to perform database searches, and this is really down to server performance rather than bbpress inherent issues.

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