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Matching forum and tabloid-newspaper blog

  • hello. …hoping you might take a quick look and give me a few critiques of my forum and blog.

    i can only really get access to IE7 and Firefox, so wouldn’t mind knowing what it looks like in IE6.

    the forum can be found here

    and the matching blog can be found here

    the blog is supposed to look like a British tabloid newspaper, and the forum was really just based on the same design — transported over but with different graphics and a new colour scheme.

    they both integrate pretty good into the main site as well

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  • _ck_


    That’s some very nice work.

    My eyes do have a little trouble with the low contrast bright colors of the page but my eyes are overly sensitive in general so it may just be me.

    My eyes do much better on the topic page where the posts use a darker background color and black text.

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