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Marking forum topics as spam in bulk

  • Alex Luft


    Hi folks,

    Our forum is getting spammed by bots pretty bad, to the tune of 200-300 new spam topics per day. It’s a battle to clean it every hour.

    We have Akismet enabled and it’s picking up some of the spam topics on the bbPress forum. I feel like if I mark more of the spam topics as spam, Akismet will do a better job. But here’s the catch.

    The bbPress moderation page doesn’t give me the ability to mark topics as spam in bulk. I can only mark new topics as spam one-by-one, which makes moderation extremely more tedious and time-consuming.

    Is there a way to mark topics as spam in bulk (selecting multiple topics, and using the moderation drop-down)? I currently my only options in the drop-down are “Move to Trash” and “Edit”. I can mark bulk spam comments on our WordPress blog as spam, but not with bbPress.

    bbPress Version: 2.5.8
    WordPress Version: 4.4

    Thanks so much for any and all help!

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  • Alex Luft


    Wow, looks like Automattic has really let bbPress become a stagnant piece of software and community. Perhaps it’s time to look for another forum.



    Just ran into the same issue with 1000+ topics in the last three days. No good bot registration stopper. No easy way to bulk mark spam. No easy way to delete all topics from one user. Why?!?



    I’m having the same problem…can’t find an answer.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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